Urban Style Unisex Bags - Combo of 5 (Cash on delivery)
#Homeshop18  18-Apr-2014, 02:30 PM Coupon:
Deal Prize: ₹999 ( MRP: ₹1999)

The best time to shop is here! Combo deals are always better than single deals. Top that with the combo deals of bags, oh-so-irresistible. We need bags for every other ocassion these days and you don't want to be caught carrying an out of place bag anywhere. A backpack for everyday use, a duffle bag for those awesome trips, a tote bag for a stylish casual storage, a pouch for storing immediate things and a travel bag for your longer trips. What say, buy these altogether at one go? Save time and save lots of money!

Made from nylon and polyester, these bags are black and red in colour. Sturdy and with great stitches these bags have a long lifespan. This is a great deal overall and you should not be missing this at any price.