Sumeet Aluminium 6 inch Nonstick Gas Sandwich Toaster
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Brand: Sumeet

Dimensions(In Inches): Diameter in Inches:6

Pack Content: 1 Toaster

Material: Aluminium

Hard Anodised: No

Non-Stick: Yes

Sku: KD1364081-P-WH21547


Serve delicious toasts every morning with this Nonstick Gas Toaster from Sumeet. This toaster has a long double handle for ease of use. Its nonstick surface will ensure that the toast does not stick. Unlike pop-up toasters, you can also use this toaster to make toast sandwiches, as it has a concave shape to hold toasts with filling in them. A one stop shop for home dcor and furniture, Pepperfry sells a home product every 30 seconds.