Stanley 69GR20B Gluepro Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun
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  • It would take 5 minutes for the glue to reach the working temperature (if the power input is 220-240V AC, 50Hz)
  • Time to wait for glue stick to melt - 3-5 min for corded. 2-3 minutes once the product is charged for cordless
  • Please use standard 12mm glue sticks only
  • The heat gun must be charged for 10-12 min before using the cordless feature. The cordless feature can be used for 7-10 minutes only post charging. You should charge the gun again post 10 min of usage
  • Disclaimer: The glue gun can get heated up if used while charging in corded state. The product nozzle will be at 190C while charging and the body of the glue gun gets warm
  • Fold-out stand for safe handy storage while in use
  • Trigger-feed mechanism controls glue flow
  • Cord free working for up to 10 mins - ideal for outdoor jobs
  • Power: 25 watts, Operating voltage 220-240 volts; Item Dimension: 110mm x 45mm x 95mm