Healthgenie  Hd-221 Digital Weighing Scale (Silver Brushed Metallic)
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  • Step on instant Read - The scale shows immediate reading as soon as stepped on the scale. Measurement range ( 2kg- 180kg)
  • Auto On/Off Function - Auto on/off function helps to save battery. After stepping out, the scale will show reading for 5 seconds and then turns off automatically
  • Auto Calibration - Healthgenie weighing scale comes with Auto-Calibration function. For initial use or if the scale is moved from its place , please step on the scale to initialize and step off. The scale is now calibrated and ready to use
  • Light Blue LCD Backlight with black font for easy readings
  • Safety & Comfort - The glass is designed to be skid resistant. 6mm thick tempered glass provides extra sturdiness and strength to avoid breakage
  • Max & Min Capacity - Maximum capacity of scale is 180 kg and minimum capacity is 2 kg
  • Low Battery Indicator - The scale will show "LO" icon on display screen when the battery is low
  • Warranty - 12 months off- site warranty