Autofy O2 Full Close Helmet (Black, M)
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Deal Prize: ₹572 ( MRP: ₹1299)

  • Standard size - 580mm ( Medium)
  • Made of highly durable and sturdy polycarbonate outer material this hard shell can withstand heavy impact
  • Retractable visor can be adjusted as per the weather conditions, riding terrain or user preferences
  • Polypropylene EPS inner lining works two ways both for comfort and safety by providing cushioning to the skull and adjacent areas
  • Leather covering over the ear gives protection to the ears in hostile conditions such as intense cold, rain etc. without impairing hearing while driving
  • Quick release buckle lock on chin strap for ease of operation and safety
  • Wide front open for a complete front view during driving
  • Very lightweight - makes your driving experience a real pleasure
  • Chrome bordering adds to the style statement of the helmet